Steven Willis is passionate about his work with the non profit organization and the for profit organization. He has work on this vision for over 30 years. As a young adult, Steven was good with his hands while he struggled with a learning disability in school. He found himself in and out of trouble, with little desire to go to school.
Steven recognized at an early age (7) that something was not quite right with in his brain. He found out later at 30 years of age he had fallen from a thread floor apartment stairway down to the second floor there where he had sustain an concussion to his head that left him with a lack of memory and comprehension. Due to this, he was just unable to comprehend his studies. His Mother having 8 children which sometimes left Steven with the opportunity to do what he thought was best for him. Steven was in and out of schools and eventually suspended from school. 
As life went on, and Steven found out that he could draw. This became his passion while still having behavior problems. Eventually, Steven was behind bars. Steven’s last incarceration was 5 years on 15 and 10 years on parole. He ask God to help him. He begin to listen and pray, building his relationship with God. Steven had incredible creativity and begin to design futuristic entertainment centers. While incarcerated he begin to planned what he wanted his life to look like. He discussed his thoughts with other inmates on how to do a business plan. He birthed his first business plan in prison.
Steven loves music, and enter into his first gig “DJing” in a Lounge restaurant. He builted his first design DJ entertainment center/stand. So many people loved his DJ Stand. Years of DJing, he put his business plan into action, he new what God wanted him to do. Steven knew he wanted to help young adults male and females to get on a career path.

His passion grew into Universal Center for Development, a non profit 501 (c) 3 organization. Steven is now bringing forth that dream. The mission of the Universal Center for Development is to provide a comprehensive program that integrates academic and vocational training for young adults and adults with disabilities, the socially and economically disadvantaged, Home-comers and veterans. The goal of the Universal Center for Development is to assist these individuals in acquiring marketable skills necessary for survival in a technological society.
Steven has twin pillar businesses, Universal Center for Development and Universal Cabinet Designs. Introducing the first upcoming innovative aerodynamic high profile cutting edge entertainment centers. Serving the consumers electronics and home stereo equipment, Hotels and Motels for the business person along with the professional music industry: RB, Rap, and Hip Hop. All units will have adjustability and accessibility. The design cabinets are sophisticated and innovative. They accommodate the past and present stereo equipments, turntables and CD players/CD mixers and others. The units will have invisible compartments to accompany all your sensitive handheld electronics, such as tape recorders, smart phones, ipods and lab tops giving the highest security for your most sensitive hand held electronics. 
Steven also plans to add other curriculums. Coming soon, Universal Production Studio, will teach students designing, promoting, marketing and advertising. Steven realizes that we are entering a new and prosperous cycle of innovation, profitability and social media and wants our young adults to be on top of it!
Education, designing and innovation, is UCD’s our motivation. Get on it! “God has a plan for your life today!!!”